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‘Napoleon’ stars Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role in this Ridley Scott directorial. Here’s what we think of this grand biographical drama.
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A still from the film, Napoleon.
A still from the film, Napoleon.
Bhavna Agarwal
Bhavna Agarwal
Mumbai,UPDATED: Nov 24, 2023 13:11 IST
In Short
Filmmaker Ridley Scott delves into the 30-year journey of former French emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, played by Joaquin Pheonix.
The movie also stars the stunning Vanessa Kirby.
Here’s what we think of this biographical drama.
Release Date:
24 Nov, 2023

Filmmaker Ridley Scott delves into the 30-year journey of former French emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, played by Joaquin Pheonix, who continues to be seen as an enigmatic historical figure till date. What’s common between the likes of Napoleon and Hitler is their insane drive and lust for power, blurring the lines of humanity. The Scott directorial is like an overview of the man who played a consequential role in the French Revolution.

In Scott’s biopic, you meet Napoleon Bonaparte in 1789, as a second-in-command military commander, who was aware of his strength. He is an egoist; power-hungry with an almost ‘calm-in-the-storm’ kind of demeanour, which made him so lethal. Scott’s 160-minute biopic of the French military commander and ruler is filled with cinematic moments of well-choreographed battle and war scenes, with enough gory scenes in it to make you flinch. However, it doesn’t make you care about the outcomes because throughout the screenplay, you see Napoleon leading, but the purpose, the intent behind those actions, are never clear.

For those unaware of the French Revolution, Scott makes sure to provide you the timeline in the form of texts that appear on screen. So, don’t worry if you haven’t skimmed through your history lessons yet. Napoleon the film doesn’t focus too much on the battles as much as it does on his forward-looking approach in those wars. You also see Napoleon turning into a ridiculously self-absorbed leader.

However, kudos to Scott for not making this a tiring watch. If anything, it is interesting to see how he shows Napoleon with a non-judgmental lens.

The film also focuses on his uncompromising passion for Marie Joseph aka Josephine, played by Vanessa Kirby, a high-born widow. Soon after his union with Josephine, Napoleon is coronated as the Emperor of the France, laboured by his many victories on the battlefield. Over 30 years, we see Napoleon navigating between his different roles. However, Scott only gives you a bird’s-eye view of Napoleon and his relationships.

While you see him trying to wipe off his teary-eyes in a couple of scenes, what really ignited that love is never known. Was it even love for Josephine? It seems ambiguous.

What really makes Napoleon a non-exhausting watch is how Scott cleverly shifts the gears in the screenplay, comfortably moving between Napoleon on the battlefield and then with him at home with Josephine. It’s chaotic too, but also allows for a breathing space from testosterone-infused war visuals.

Joaquin Phoenix is remarkable as Napoleon. It is one of those performances which makes you flinch and applaud at the same time. Vanessa is gorgeous in every frame. Unlike other historical dramas, it is also to be noted that the dialect, the impressions and the dubbing doesn’t seem off.

The music is captivating and doesn’t overpower the screen at any point. The costumes, the period sets are stunning and really elevate the experience of watching the movie.

Scott succeeds in making Napoleon an entertaining watch, but it doesn’t offer you enough depth to invest your energies in it. For some reason, it feels incomplete with several gaps in between.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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