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Releasing on September 28, 2023, the much-anticipated Skanda has hit the screens, marking a promising collaboration between the Energetic Star Ram Pothineni and the renowned mass director Boyapati Sreenu. With expectations soaring, the film’s buzz prior to its release was palpable. Here’s an insight into what the movie offers:

Cast and Crew:

Starring: Ram Pothineni, Sreeleela, Saiee Manjrekar, Prince Cecil, Gautami, Indraja, Raja, Srikanth, Sharath Lohitashwa, Prithviraj, and others Director: Boyapati Sreenu Producer: Srinivasaa Chitturi Music Director: S Thaman Cinematographer: Santosh Detake Editor: Bikkina Thammiraju Related Links: Trailer

Plot Summary:

Skanda unfolds with the elopement of Telangana CM Ranjith Reddy’s son with the daughter of Andhra Pradesh CM Rayudu. In the wake of this incident, Rayudu, seeking vengeance, encounters Bhaskar Raju (Ram Pothineni), altering the dynamics entirely. The film navigates through Raju’s identity, his purpose, and his simultaneous targeting of both CMs. Rudraganti Ramakrishna Raju (Srikanth) also has a pivotal connection in this narrative, unraveling the mystery.


Ram Pothineni’s striking transformation for the role deserves applause, particularly in his intense action sequences. His charismatic presence coupled with impactful dialogue delivery elevates pivotal moments in the movie. While Sreeleela’s portrayal might lack depth as the heroine, her grace, and dance moves engage the audience effectively. Srikanth’s nuanced performance, despite limited screen time, becomes the pivot around which the storyline revolves. Daggubati Raju also delivers a commendable performance. Thaman’s exceptional musical score adds substantial value, amplifying the impact of various sequences.


The signature style of Boyapati Sreenu, focusing on action sequences over logic, prevails in Skanda, leading to moments that challenge believability. The storyline treads on familiar territory, lacking novelty. The film initiates strongly but loses momentum, dragging through a slow-paced second half. While crafting impactful mass dialogues and high-energy fight sequences, there’s a need for more emphasis on engaging storytelling. The placement of songs feels amiss, with only a couple standing out amidst forgettable tunes. Additionally, numerous characters, such as Indraja and Gautami, lack substantial contribution to the plot. The emotional depth in the latter half, though decent, leaves room for improvement. Certain political references in dialogues might resonate primarily with specific audience segments.

Technical Merits:

Boyapati Sreenu orchestrates a mass-centric entertainer leaning heavily on action, complemented by M Ratnam’s impactful dialogues. Thaman’s vibrant background score, especially in the initial segments, amplifies the movie’s energy. Santosh Detake’s cinematography shines, particularly in the action sequences. While the editing is decent, a trimming of unnecessary scenes in the second half could have bolstered the pacing. The production values stand commendable.


Skanda emerges as a high-octane action entertainer featuring a compelling performance by Ram Pothineni, gripping action sequences, and captivating dance sequences. While it promises to enthrall fans and mass audiences, its straightforward plot, implausible action, and sluggish latter part might not resonate universally. If you’re open to these aspects, Skanda could be a worthwhile watch this weekend.

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