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Director Milind Rau’s ‘The Village’, starring Arya, Aadukalam Naren and Muthukumar, is a mix-mash of many Tamil and Hollywood films. The web series lacked new ideas, says our review.
The web series features Arya, Aadukalam Naren, Muthukumar and Arjun Chidambaram in lead roles.
The horror thriller is directed by Milind Rau.
Release Date:
24 Nov, 2023

‘The Village’, which marks Arya’s OTT debut, is a series adapted from a graphic novel of the same name. The horror thriller is about a ghost village and its haunting past. With its teaser and trailer, ‘The Village’, helmed by Milind Rau, piqued the interest of the audience. It hinted at the the series being a social commentary on nature conservation and superstitions. And the director promised a lot of gore as well. Did ‘The Village’ manage to fulfil the expectations? Let’s find out!

Gautham (Arya), a doctor by profession, is married to Neha (Divya Pillai). They have a daughter named Maya (Baby Aazhiya) and a beagle named Hectic! During a road trip from Chennai to Thoothukudi, their car breaks down in a haunted village called Kattiyal. Meanwhile, there’s Prakash (Arjun Chidambaram) who sends a mercenary group headed by Farhan (John Kokken) to get samples.

If you’ve seen a fair share of Tamil films, you might have predicted the storyline. And if you did, that’s precisely how ‘The Village’ unfolds. The web series redundantly explores how industry and medical waste affect the lifestyle of a particular demography. You throw in all the clichéd scenes you could ever think of, you’d have it in the show. Coupled with poor screenplay and uninspiring dialogues, ‘The Village’ becomes a tedious watch.

When director Milind Rau shows us the forest of Kattiyal where Farhan and his team were asked to extract substances, you let out a chuckle. Because the forest looks like how ‘Avatar’ would look like if it was made on a shoestring budget. The trees are painted in neon colours! As promised, ‘The Village’ has a lot of gore. We get slashed intestines, bodies cut into halves, intestines laying on the floor, gory-looking men and what not. But, you do not feel scared or frown in disgust. After a point, they look more like cartoon characters.

The mercenary group led by Farhan is not that effective either. His team of cold-faced individuals doesn’t inspire much hope. Similarly, the flashback options touch upon the topics of oppression, discrimination, corporates taking over villages and health hazards. These are all topics that were shown in countless Tamil films and it looks like there was no effort taken to add new ideas to the done-to-death story.

In terms of performance, Arya appears out of place in the series, particularly struggling with emotional scenes. It is the performances of Aadukalam Naren and Muthukumar, who played the roles of Shakthivel and Karunagam, which hold the show together. Arjun Chidambaram as a spoilt brat and a cunning businessman, delivers a decent performance.

The story of ‘The Village’ feels outdated and redundant. Throughout the six episodes, each spanning 35-45 minutes, there’s never an urge to binge-watch it. The second half of the story is excessively long and lacks substance, despite its good intentions. If Milind Rau had focused more on the screenplay, ‘The Village’ might have become a worthwhile horror thriller.

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