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The film “Extra Ordinary Man,” starring Nithiin and directed by Vakkantham Vamsi, debuted on December 8, 2023.

A partially engaging comedy-drama with Nithiin and Rao Ramesh’s commendable performances. However, simplistic storytelling, unengaging sequences, and a less compelling second half impact the overall experience. Recommended if you’re comfortable with these shortcomings.


Abhinay (Nithiin), a junior artist aspiring to be a hero, meets Likitha (Sreeleela), falls in love, and rises to become her company’s CEO. A twist changes his course, leading to personal interventions, revealing his transformation into a unique character.


Nithiin excels in a comedic role, with Vamsi crafting a distinct character that showcases his comedic talents. Rao Ramesh impresses in shared scenes with Nithiin. Rajashekar, Brahmaji, and Hyper Adhi add to the comedic essence.


The film heavily relies on comedy, lacking a robust storyline. Execution falls short, masking illogical scenes with humor. Sreeleela’s role lacks depth, emphasizing looks over character. Sudev Nair’s portrayal of the villain disappoints, affecting the film negatively.

Technical Aspects:

Vamsi’s writing shows promise but lacks a focused script. The film’s music and cinematography receive mixed reviews, while editing could have been refined in the latter part. Production values stand out positively.

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