Ayali Full Web Series Download 2023

Release Date: January 26, 2023
Starring: Abhi Nakshatra, Anumol, Madhan, Linga, Singampuli, TSR, Dharmaraj, Lovelyn, Gayathri Thara, Pragadheeswaran, Jenson, Rajamani Melodi & others
Director: Muthu Kumar
Producer: S Kushmavathi
Music Director: Revaa
Cinematography: Ramji
Editor: Ganesh Siva
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ZEE5 introduced the web series ‘Ayali’ starring Abhi Nakshatra. Currently streaming on the OTT platform, the series navigates a small village’s customs restraining women’s progress. Ezhil Selvi (Abhi Nakshatra) challenges these traditions by aspiring to become a doctor, defying societal norms. The series unfolds her journey amidst these challenges.


  1. Critical Reflection: Ayali challenges societal misogyny and superstitions, advocating women’s empowerment and breaking stereotypes.
  2. Thoughtful Narrative: Sensitively portrayed, the series maintains a compelling narrative without being preachy, credit to the well-crafted sequences and strong writing 1.
  3. Abhi Nakshatra’s Performance: Her portrayal of Ezhil’s character is remarkable, displaying emotional depth and conviction in pivotal scenes.
  4. Strong Characters: Anumol, Singampuli, TSR, Lingaa, Madhan, and Lovelyn deliver solid performances, enriching the series’ depth 1.


  1. Musical Impact: Undubbed Tamil songs lessened impact; misplaced comedy and underdeveloped characters slightly detract from the plot’s essence.
  2. Pacing and Climax: Episodes suffer pacing issues; editing and climax execution fall short 1.

Technical Aspects:

  • Visual Excellence: Exemplary cinematography by Ramji enhances the rural setting.
  • Director’s Vision: Muthu Kumar’s nuanced direction delivers emotional resonance without being overt.


Ayali illuminates societal patriarchy through commendable performances and a poignant narrative. Despite pacing issues and a lengthy runtime, it remains a decent watch, resonating with significant themes

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