Hi Naana Full Movie Download 2023

Release Date: December 07, 2023

Starring: Nani, Mrunal Thakur, Baby Kiara Khanna, Jayaram, Priyadarshi, Nassar, Angad Bedi, and others

Director: Shouryuv

Producers: Mohan Cherukuri (CVM), Dr. Vijender Reddy Teegala

Music Director: Hesham Abdul Wahab

Cinematographer: Sanu John Varghese

Editor: Praveen Antony

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“Hi Nanna,” a romantic drama directed by debutant Shouryuv, stars Nani, Mrunal Thakur, and Baby Kaira Khanna in pivotal roles. The narrative revolves around Viraj (Nani), a single parent to his 6-year-old daughter Mahii (Baby Kaira Khanna), and the impact of Yashna (Mrunal Thakur) on their lives.


  1. Compelling Storyline: Hi Nanna encapsulates a compelling narrative, focusing on emotions and drama. Mrunal Thakur’s portrayal is commendable, adding depth to the movie.
  2. Noteworthy Performances: Nani effortlessly delivers an emotionally resonant performance, showcasing his innate talent. His chemistry with Mrunal Thakur is a highlight.
  3. Adorable Baby Kiara Khanna: The young actor impresses with confidence and charm in her role.
  4. Engaging Elements: The film weaves in emotional blocks and intriguing twists, enhancing the overall experience.


  1. Initial Pacing: The movie’s initial segments lack freshness and pacing, taking time to build momentum.
  2. Audience Connection: While catering well to A center audiences, it might not resonate strongly with mass audiences.
  3. Inconsistent Presentation: Certain segments, especially Shruti Haasan’s song, disrupt the coherence of the narrative.

Technical Overview:

  1. Music and Visuals: Hesham Abdul Wahab’s music, except for the Odiyamma song, and Sanu John Varghese’s visuals enrich the storytelling.
  2. Direction: Shouryuv exhibits promise with a compelling storyline and decent dialogue depth. However, pacing issues slightly hinder the film’s impact.


Hi Nanna stands as a touching family drama bolstered by commendable performances and captivating storytelling. While it may lack universal appeal due to pacing issues, it remains a worthy watch for enthusiasts of emotional narratives.

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