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Story Expansion: Brothers Robert and Dony, along with their close friend Xavier, were not just raised mastering Martial arts; it was ingrained in their upbringing, becoming the backbone of their existence. Their lives were a tapestry woven with the threads of combat, navigating conflicts with practiced ease. However, an impactful incident served as a catalyst, compelling them to reassess their aggressive methods. Despite their attempts to move forward, their shared past loomed ominously, testing their resolve to confront it head-on.

Film Review: RDX, an electrifying action film, pulsates with dynamic fight sequences, heart-stopping stunts, and a musical backdrop that ignites nostalgia. Set in Kochi, it chronicles the journey of three ‘angry young men’: brothers Robert and Dony, and their loyal companion Xavier. Their bond, rooted in a passion for martial arts, unveils a trio each adept in distinct combat styles—Robert in karate, Dony in boxing, and Xavier wielding nunchucks.

In their youthful fervor post-college, their pursuits centered on honing their martial prowess through local skirmishes and navigating the labyrinth of love. This direction, albeit aimless, encapsulated their endearing naivety. A pivotal confrontation caused their families to intervene, momentarily halting their fervent pursuit. However, their history, akin to a shadow, persisted, posing the dilemma: confront the past or let it linger. The movie meticulously delves into their journey, unraveling the knots of confusion.

Character Portrayal: Shane Nigam, Antony Varghese, Neeraj Madhav, and the emerging talent Vishnu Agastya breathe life into their roles. Nigam’s Robert embodies charm, blending playful romance with intense action, while Varghese captures Dony’s persona—a family man simmering with restrained fury. Madhav’s Xavier seamlessly merges dance with combat, and Agastya injects freshness with his determined portrayal. Lal, Mala Parvathy, and the ensemble, including the nostalgic presence of 90’s action star Babu Antony, significantly augment the film’s impact.

Creative Contributions: Debutant director Nahas Hidayat crafts an enthralling cinematic experience, deftly weaving action with familial drama. The screenplay by Adharsh Sukumaran and Shabas Rasheed masterfully blends romance, friendship, and family bonds. Sam CS’s dynamic music elevates emotions, synchronizing flawlessly with diverse combat styles, crafting a riveting experience. Action director Anbu-Arivu choreographs exceptional fight sequences that invigorate audiences.

Cinematic Dynamics: Capturing the fiery action on camera posed challenges, despite commendable work by cinematographer Alex J Pullikal. Editor Chamman Chacko adeptly blends visuals but occasionally struggles to match the story’s high-octane narrative. The occasional ambiguity in the story’s timeline, marked by shifts in fashion and ambiance, slightly disrupts the viewer’s continuity.

Themes and Social Context: ‘Rage’ dominates the film’s core, appealing to the youth amidst post-COVID socio-psychological impacts. The juxtaposition of glorified anger and heightened youth crime raises thought-provoking questions. The portrayal of contrasting moments—mothers weeping for their children and instances of manipulation in the name of love—amid evolving gender sensitivities adds depth. Yet, a scene designed for applause feels incongruous in the larger narrative.

Overall Verdict: The adrenaline rush of action cinema permeates RDX, promising a holiday filled with pulsating excitement.

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