Conjuring Kannappan Full Movie Download 2023

“Conjuring Kannappan” is a Tamil horror-comedy film that follows the journey of Kannappan, a game designer. Here’s a concise overview:

Plot Summary:

Kannappan, portrayed by Sathish, inadvertently disturbs an ancient artifact and finds himself trapped in a haunted dream world filled with ghosts.


The movie revolves around Kannappan’s attempts to escape this supernatural predicament, encountering spooky and comedic situations along the way.

Character Dynamics:

Sathish’s character, Kannappan, drives the narrative, showcasing his struggles and humorous interactions with the paranormal.

Genre Fusion:

Combining horror and comedy elements, the film provides intermittent laughs and spooky moments.

Critical Reception:

The movie received mixed reviews, with praise for its unique ideas but criticisms for occasional execution lapses.

Entertainment Factor:

For horror-comedy enthusiasts, “Conjuring Kannappan” offers a decently entertaining experience, particularly for those fond of this genre.

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