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The Possession,” a horror film released in 2013, takes viewers on a spine-chilling journey 2. The storyline revolves around Kübra, possessed by supernatural forces just before her wedding, leading to a series of terrifying events.

Plotline and Impact:

The movie delves into the concept of jinns, the enigmatic and terrifying beings, prompting a deeper contemplation of the unknown 1. As Kübra’s possession unveils more horror, a psychiatrist attempts an exorcism, unraveling layers of fear and dread.

Cinematic Elements:

The film captivates audiences with a slow yet eerie storyline, blending elements of horror and the supernatural 4. The skepticism of Dr. Ebru, a psychiatrist, and the involvement of Faruk, a local Ustaz, add depth to the paranormal investigation.

Critical Reception:

While some reviews appreciate the unique storyline and the portrayal of jinns, others highlight the intriguing dynamics between skepticism and belief 6.

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