Lift Full Movie Download HD 2023 By Filmyzilla

‘Lift’ unveils a simple yet gripping tale revolving around Guru, an IT professional, and Harini, encountering spine-chilling paranormal events in their workplace. Kavin’s compelling portrayal as the protagonist navigating terror is commendable, matched by Amritha Aiyer’s impactful performance. Lesser-known actors add depth to the narrative.

Craftsmanship & Themes:

The film excels in storytelling, character development, and a compelling backstory, engaging audiences with minimal supernatural appearances. It adeptly explores the harsh realities faced by IT professionals due to corporate exploitation, albeit with certain plot inconsistencies.

Technical Brilliance:

‘Lift’ stands out technically, boasting stunning cinematography, spine-chilling sound design, and impeccable editing. The transition to OTT limits its potential theatrical impact.

Directorial Excellence:

Vineeth Varaprasad’s debut showcases adept storytelling and serves as a poignant commentary on corporate greed and its impact on individuals.


‘Lift’ offers a spine-chilling experience with thought-provoking themes, making it a must-watch for fans of the horror genre.

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