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Petta, a Tamil action film directed by Karthik Subbaraj and released in 2019, revolves around Kaali, portrayed by Rajinikanth, as a college custodian. Here’s a concise review based on available information:

  1. Plot and Characters: The movie showcases Kaali’s journey as he becomes a hostel warden at a college . It delves into college politics and ragging , offering Rajinikanth’s classic style with a touch of youthful energy .
  2. Directorial Style: Karthik Subbaraj’s direction accentuates Rajinikanth’s presence, portraying him in an action-packed role amidst the college backdrop . The film also features actors like Simran and Vijay Sethupathy .
  3. Reception: Reviews highlight the film’s celebration of Rajinikanth’s charisma . The first half is regarded as a treat for fans, embracing Rajinikanth’s quintessential style . However, some critics suggest that the film leans more towards celebrating the star than offering a distinct storyline .
  4. Themes and Tone: The movie touches upon themes like caste and politics , balancing action with elements of college life .
  5. Cultural Context: The film taps into the cultural context of south Tamil Nadu, particularly emphasizing the theme of jallikattu .

Overall, Petta is a film that intertwines Rajinikanth’s signature style with an action-packed college backdrop, appealing primarily to his fanbase. While celebrated for its portrayal of the lead character, it faces criticism for prioritizing star celebration over a unique narrative.

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