Aghavan 2019 Movie Download HD


  • Kishore Ravichandran
  • Naren V
  • Chirashree Anchan
  • Nithya Shetty
  • Thambi Ramaiah
  • Chinni Jayanth


  • Directed by: APG Elumalai
  • Produced by: R. Ravichandran
  • Music by: C. Sathya
  • Cinematography: Bala Palaniappan
  • Edited by: LVK Dass
  • Production Company: RBK Movies


A compelling narrative unfolds in “Aghavan,” where the seemingly innocent Kishore Ravichandran and the enigmatic Thambi Ramaiah find themselves entangled in a mysterious plot within the confines of a temple in Tindivanam. As the storyline progresses, a web of confusion and suspense surrounds the lives of two sisters selling flowers for survival, a young Ph.D. researcher, Keerthy Vasan, and his wife Kaavya, who defied her wealthy father to marry him.

In the first half, the film introduces a series of perplexing situations, leaving the audience in suspense. The narrative takes a decisive turn as it unravels Keerthy Vasan’s research, revealing the secret possessions of Raja Raja Cholan, which are hidden within Lord Siva temples for the benefit of his citizens.

The plot thickens when Kishore Ravichandran’s temple becomes the target of a mysterious gang. Under the guidance of the intriguing cop, they embark on a mission to extract valuable gems submerged 64 feet beneath the Lord Siva’s idol, employing chemical liquids to bring the treasures to the surface. The culprits, exploiting Keerthy Vasan’s thesis, succeed in their nefarious plot, leading to an engaging climax.

“Aghavan” delves into the reasons behind rituals like Kumbabishekam and special Poojas, providing a unique perspective. Amidst the prevalent themes of romance, thriller, and horror in Tamil cinema, the film stands out with its distinct screenplay, showcasing the director’s bold attempt to explore uncharted territories.

While the film’s lengthy duration may induce slight drowsiness, the energetic musical compositions contribute to the overall experience, underscoring the film’s reflections on the complexities of life.

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