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In the realm of cinema, the success of a film often hinges on the strength of its characters and the narrative crafted around them. Unfortunately, GV Prakash and Gouri Kishan’s film, ‘Adiyae,’ falls victim to the pitfalls of a poorly written protagonist, earning the dubious honor of being one of the most exasperating, illogical, and obtuse characters in recent memory.

It reflects a disheartening trend where writers opt for preconceived ideas without subjecting them to the rigor of exploration. As the film progresses past its lackluster opening and stumbles through filmmaker Venkat Prabhu’s awkward performance, the realization sets in that writer-director Vignesh Karthick may have prematurely settled on ideas, resulting in a lackluster screenplay that deteriorates with each passing moment.

Attempting to leverage alternate reality and time travel as narrative devices, Vignesh Karthick aspired to narrate the tale of a broken man engulfed by his desires, leading him into utter chaos. The central character, teenager Jeeva (played by GV Prakash), finds his world revolving entirely around wooing his school crush, Senthazhini (portrayed by Gouri Kishan). However, tragedy strikes as his parents pass away, leaving Jeeva unable to confess his love to her. Fast forward to a grown-up Jeeva, now grappling with suicidal thoughts and depression, who unexpectedly encounters Sethazhini, now a renowned playback singer.

In the quest to translate a promising one-liner into a compelling screenplay, Vignesh Karthick falters, and the film emerges as a mediocre attempt that fails to live up to its potential. The underlying themes of alternate reality and time travel, meant to add depth to the narrative, struggle to elevate the film beyond its lackluster foundation. ‘Adiyae’ becomes a cinematic experience marred by a protagonist’s inadequacies, hindering the audience’s ability to connect with and invest in the unfolding story.

While the film grapples with ambitious concepts, the execution falters, and the narrative fails to rise above its initial shortcomings. ‘Adiyae’ serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of robust character development and a well-crafted screenplay in steering a film towards success. In its current state, the film stands as a missed opportunity, emphasizing the need for filmmakers to thoroughly explore and refine their ideas before bringing them to the screen.

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